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IPO Schedules Up On Myspace

International Pop Overthrow head honcho David Bash has posted the IPO schedules for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and
Vancouver at the IPO My Space site. Just check out this link: for all the details.

According to David highlights include:

Los Angeles: Roger Joseph Manning Jr., on August 8 at Spaceland (yes, it’s
*that* Roger Manning, but this is the name he prefers to be known by so
that’s what we’re going to go with).

San Francisco: Scott Miller (of The Loud Family) on August 19 at Thee
Parkside.  Bleu is also on the same bill.

Seattle: Jon Auer (of The Posies) on August 25 at The Crocodile Cafe.

Vancouver: Kevin Kane (of The Grapes of Wrath) on September 2 at The Railway
Club (which also happens to be my birthday, so that’s quite a present for

Of course, there are hundreds of other great bands, just waiting to be
discovered by Auditeers and other pop fans!

An IPO is a rock and roll event not to be missed.