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iPods, U2, iTunes and The Rock and Roll Report


Well by now most of you are probably aware that U2 have entered into a partnership with Apple Computer resulting in their very own cutom iPod as well as some iTunes exclusives that they talk about in the Rolling Stone article U2 Talk iPod Strategy. Figuring if U2 can do it so can The Rock and Roll Report, I am pleased to announce that The Rock and Roll Report is now an iTunes Affiliate! That’s right, joining what I think is the already impressive merchants over at the Rock and Roll Marketplace, iTunes joins the illustrious company of Amazon, CD Baby and Not Lame Records just in time for all your Christmas rock and roll shopping needs (am I a born huckster or what!). What I have done is put both a general iTunes link as well as a link to the free weekly iTunes download so that you can check out the store and see what they have to offer without it costing you a penny. Over the coming weeks I am hoping to experiment with the various options available to iTunes affiliates since there are all kinds of cool iTunes exclusives that you can take advatage of if you so choose. So there you have it, another rock and roll service brought to you by The Rock and Roll Report strictly so you don’t have to suffer the complexities and complications that Christmas shopping brings. Now how cool (and corny) is that!