Rock Radio 2.0

Is broadcast radio doomed?

Is broadcast radio doomed? Is the medium that brought us Wolfman Jack, Tom Donohue, Alan Freed and Dr. Johnny Fever going the way of the Dodo in this world of satellite and Internet radio and the ubiquitous cell phone? Gerry Cagle over at Music Biz Network thinks so in his piece It isn’t the Record Industry that’s in Trouble and you know what? He’s right on the money. Mainstream radio is a bland, boring wasteland all too frequently interrupted by commercials. The only reason that I listen to broadcast radio now is to listen to local traffic reports and even that reason is slowly dying out as I am now starting to record the shows that I like on stations around the world streaming over the Internet and then listening to them in the car on the way to work. I actually listen to more sports radio and less rock and roll on the local rock station aside from a couple of very specific shows which also stream over the ‘Net. The world is changing and choice is flourishing. Whether it is satellite or Internet only radio or great broadcast radio stations that stream over the Internet and see the world as their listening area, regular broadcast radio is slowly being relegated to obsolescence and that’s a sad fact of life today. The Wolfman today would be streaming over the ‘Net to your Palm or cell phone and would have dumped that outdated studio in Tijuana babee!