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Is ‘Guitar Hero’ saving rock ‘n’ roll?

Is ‘Guitar Hero’ saving rock ‘n’ roll? That’s the question posed in an article at CNN in talking about the great success that video games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero are having on the popularity of bands such as Aerosmith, Guns & Roses and Metallica. It’s pretty clear from the article that there has been an increase in the visibility of rock music amongst kids as my 13 year old can attest. But isn’t this all part of the typical pendulum that rock and roll swings upon, albeit with a somewhat modern twist?

Rock and Roll always seems to go from one extreme to the other with great regularity since its inception. The problem these days is that unless you are differentiating rock and roll from something like rap or hip hop we are talking about “classic rock” in this case and rock and roll is so much more than this as those of you who listen to the podcast know full well. The thing that I love about these games is that they make kids much more receptive to all rock in general. My son loves playing along to Aerosmith and Rush but it has also opened his ears to bands like the Tenspoke Indies, Airbourne and The Sleepers to name but three.

People tend to to drift away from rock and roll at times and get caught up with whatever fad is in at the moment whether it be boy bands or American Idol crap or whatever but it is the attitude that makes rock and roll what it is and that I believe will never really go out of style. At least it won’t in this household!