Rock Radio 2.0

Is Rock Radio Changing?

That is the question Rolling Stone is asking in Rock Radio Gets Interesting and yes, there are some interesting movements afoot in the commercial radio camp but what I would like to see is a station that features the likes of The Rammones played alongside Led Zeppelin. Cool indie power pop and garage juxtaposed against tracks by Bad Company, The Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam. An absolute collision of all these so called genres into a free form rock and roll stew that has you constantly on the edge wondering what’s coming next, with DJs that have an actual personality and passion for music and management who understand that insulting your audience with cookie cutter playlists and an overabundance of ads is no way to get them to buy anything that you might be selling. Don’t tell me that it can’t be done because there are hundreds of shows and stations doing just that and Little Steven’s Underground Garage proves that radio can make money and be interesting and good. The response I have had to my post about KCDX alone just goes to show that people want to love rock and roll radio again if only someone would be daring enough to break out from the current Clear Channel/Infinity straight jacket. Is it even possible in this day and age? With the growth of Internet and Satellite Radio, terrrestrial radio will have no choice but to innovate or die. The rock and roll ball is in their court. Let’s hope they don’t fumble it for the last time.