Is the Internet Boom Box Here Yet?

In about 1999/2000 I took an “Introduction to HTML” course at a local community college and one of the requirements was that we had to create a home page on the Internet. I created something called the “Internet Audio Guide” and on the front page I had a picture of what I considered to be a revolutionary audio device called the Kerbango Internet Radio. Although it was well before it’s time, I always thought that the concept of an Internet-enabled stereo was a good one seeing how there is so much great radio is on the ‘Net these days. The Kerbango never made it past the concept stage but it looks like the days of the portable Internet Boom Box may be upon us shortly. PC Mag has an excellent article on what we can expect in Time for the Internet Boom Box by Bill Howard. Once WiFi becomes more robust and mainstream trust me you will be taking these kinds of radios to the beach. Very cool tech indeed.