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Is the new Creem for real?

Months ago I signed up for the “new” Creem Magazine mailing list and promptly forgot all about it. Today I received an e-mail encouraging me to check out their current offerings. It looks great. It touches all the right buttons (Super Furry Animals, Von Bondies, The Romantics, bunch of great record reviews) but is it any better than what is currently out there? The answer sadly is no. When I used to read Creem, it was at a time when getting your rock and roll news was a lot more difficult so it served as a lifestyle bible as much as a rock and roll magazine. These days, anybody can publish on the web (guilty!) and so what set Creem apart no longer really exists as news is a commodity that everyone has access to with this very blog detailing the vast selection available to rock and roll fans. It is still kind of cool though but unfortunately no longer essential although publisher Robert Matheu certainly has his heart in the right place. Check it out and decide for yourself. I will remain on their e-mail list though just for old times sake but I can’t deny that I will be secretly cheering them on as the world of rock and roll could certainly use that old Creem attitude. And those babes in Boy Howdy T-shirts are still pretty rockin’.