It’s Been a Long Day

OK I admit it. All this RIAA crap is starting to overwhelm my little corner of the ‘Net and drown out all the groovy vibes that should radiate from this domain so I offer to you an amnesty program of my own. From here on in, unless it is, in my humble opinion, truly rock and roll newsworthy, I will keep my comments on the RIAA, file swapping and P2P to a bare minimum OK? In the mean time, you might want to grab a fistful of Sonic Dirt. What’s that you ask? Only a very cool garage punk rock and roll news E Zine (how the heck do you spell that?) from the U.K. that you will positively love to pieces. A really great read with very cool (yah, that’s the word) graphics. Another hidden gem out there in cyberspace keeping the world of rock ‘n’ roll alive. Thank you.