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It’s Official: Country Music Causes Suicide

I just saw this on “This Day in Rock” and I laughed by little rock and roll heart off. According to some university study (where can I get a job like that?) country music “with its emphasis on marital discord, alcoholism and social alienation, can be linked with an increased suicide rate.” Now, I urge you to show this study to the next boyfriend/girlfriend, roommate, wife, husband, father or mother who tells you to “turn that crap music down!” Ask them if they really want you listening to country music instead, perhaps sending you down the road to divorce (that’s spelled D.I.V.O.R.C.E), out of control truck payments and worse yet, a lonely, alcoholic suicide. At the very least you may stumble into work and tell your boss that she can “take this job and shove it!” Oh my, the humanity! (Before you dash off an ugly e-mail in disgust check your sense of humor first and then call me in the morning.)