It Came From Memphis

I received an e-mail from Paul Duane last week. Who is Paul Duane you ask? Well Paul is currently working on the film version of the book It Came From Memphis with author Robert Gordon. The book essentially deals with “why blues, soul and rock’n’roll have all re-invented themselves in Memphis, Tennessee, several times in the last century. It’s about people like Jim Dickinson and Furry Lewis, as well as the more famous Memphis landmarks which are too obvious to mention…” Sounds very cool so I have ordered the book and will let you know what I thought about it soon. In the meantime, you can check out Paul’s blog It Came From Memphis to track the progress of the film. Very, very interesting stuff. Thanks Paul.

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  1. Any information on MONTAGE, a Memphis-based band from the 1970s? MONTAGE was signed to the late Tommy Cogbill’s TRUMP record label and recorded at American Studios.

    MONTAGE had a great deal of original music and were the first to use a synthesizer keyboard bass (before everybody else did!). Their TRUMP single was titled “Old Joe Clark,” and they had another record (“Can’t You See the Fire?”) on another label.


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