January, 2005 Magazine Updates

Some of my favourite e-zines/magazines have some great features this month:

Fufkin has a ton of new reviews and the usual assortment of great articles with particular attention to their “best of” lists and articles for 2004 from Mike Bennet, Gary Glauber, Kevin Mathews, James Bauman, Kurt Hernon, Gary Pig Gold, Eric Sorenson and John Borack.

The January, 2005 issue of Perfect Sound Forever is filled with another quality batch of articles and reviews including Part 1 of an oral history of the Long Ryders, an interview with the late Kevin Coyne and the conclusion of “Children in the Mire” with a look at how Lester Bangs and Greil Marcus “internalized the Pistols.”

Finally, a brand new issue of Shindig magazine should hit the newstands at the end of this month. Always a great read, Shindig covers “’60’s Psych, Pop, Garage and beyond.” Get your copy ASAP.