Women Who Rock! January’s Triple R Girl is Cincinnati’s Own Tricia Weil

Determination and drive are two key characteristics of the Triple R Girl and this month’s Triple R Girl Tricia Weil possesses these traits in spades. We will let Tricia best tell you what she is all about…

Hello everyone! My name is Tricia. Let’s start off by saying I’m a nobody that’s a somebody and you’re a nobody till you become a somebody to me. Everybody is my equal and I am there equal and the only thing that separates the two is that some are more or less fortunate than me.

For those who don’t know me I am a just an ordinary girl, divorced mom, that is coming out of her cocoon like a butterfly. I flutter about, not staying to long, landing here and there gracing everyone with my presence.

I love to dress up, look and feel sexy, and have fun! It’s the little girl in me that I never out grew. I always wear something of jewelery with a heart and/or butterfly on it. The heart represents the love that I have with my children and the hopes to allow myself to love once again. The butterfly reminds me of the free spirited side that has been bottled and contained for many years due to my responsibilities at such a young and early age.

I am no angel and some may not care for me. But I am vain and just don’t care. I try to be a positive person. I have used and will continue to use any negativity as fuel to feed my fire that keeps me striving and pushing for more. I am a strong and independent woman that has worked hard and highly appreciates all that I have and who I have within my life. I prefer and like to surround myself with positive people from all walks of life. There is always something one can learn from every individual.

I hope that along my journey I grace at least one with a positive and fun outlook on life but to also uphold the responsibilities that each individual has. I love to have fun. Cut loose when my life permits it. This is where music comes into play, especially Rock n Roll.

I am no singer, musician or play in a band. I do not consider myself a fanatic or groupie but I do enjoy listening to music. It is my release. It is a healthy alternative to allow myself to let go and be free. Let whatever my emotions and or frustrations are that day out and have fun. To say bluntly I love to dance my ass off and blow off some steam.

I do many things on my Me Time. I belong to a girl biker group called The Chrome Divas, which are girls who ride, like to have fun and try to help/give back to their community. We have many charity events each year to try to raise money mainly for breast cancer.

I now am doing some modeling, which evolved from pictures being taken and used for a calendar at our first bike wash for breast cancer. These pictures were forwarded to me. I had just joined Myspace and needed some pictures to put up for my profile. Well I had many in cyberspace that encouraged me to start modeling. I humored their advice and did some photo shoots on my own since I am a single parent with limited finances. I figured if I had the look it would draw others to me. It worked! I started doing shoots for many people and then placed those pictures up as well. This is how I was noticed to have the honours of being a Triple R Girl.

Last but not least I like to go out enjoy the nightlife on my Me Time. There are tons of pictures of me out and about enjoying local bands, clubs, concerts etc. There is nothing like hearing your favorite tunes thumping and rocking loud. I literally get lost in my own little world, love to shake my ass, grind to the beat and get crazy to the lyrics. I am not shy about it and can be found on a ledge, table, bar and even the stage dancing my ass off.

Once I get started I can’t be stopped. I like to instigate/influence others to cut loose, dance and have fun. This is why we have music to relate to, let go and be free. Rock and Roll has been my dear friend/companion during a lot of my hard times. It has always been something I can turn to and help my day go better. We the listeners are why the music exists.

So take advantage of it. Use it. Turn the fuckn song up and party like I do…. Like a Rockstar!

Some of the bands I like to listen to are
– Nickel Back
– Puddle of Mudd
– Buck Cherry
– God Smack
– Saving Abel
– Korn
– Limp Brisket
– Theory of a Dead Man
And so many more that I can’t list all of them!

I’ve been fortunate to hang/party/meet or be introduced to
– Chad and his drummer from Nickel Back
– West from Puddle of Mudd
– Hinder
– Super Unknowns and their family
– Jason and all in and involved with the band Saving Abel

Wit Lots of Fun n Luv,
69 ;)~ XOOXOOXs


  1. Hey girl just stoppin bye to say you look awesome! Congrats on everything you have accomplished!
    Love ya,
    Emily and Kristie
    P.S. Kristie says that you look fucking HOT! and she would look good in your photo shoot wit you! LOL Hell Yeah!

  2. Hey you guys picked the perfect woman and she needs to be considered every month for this honor. Tricia keep up the good work ! you rep Cincinnati as a Diamond in the Rough, youre a gorgeous modeling talent who obvisiously caught the eye of some smart people here for choosing ya.


  3. Tricia – you are freakin HOTT!!!! sizzle, sizzle baby! Keep on doin what your doin Sassy. You are using the great gifts god gave ya!! Lots of love!

    Angie and the Dayton Chrome Divas

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