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Jeremy – “find the way to be happy” (Jam Records)

Jeremyfinding_the_way_to_be_happy I first came across the work of Jeremy Morris when I heard “What God Wants” from the excelent compilation “This is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio- Volume 1” and I was hooked on his great power pop, well… hooks plus I’m a sucker for electric sitar. Listening to the album that it was taken from called “find the way to be happy” (and trust me there is a lot to listen to since the CD contains 22 tracks) was a real treat as not only does Jeremy and his band manage to peel off some incredibly tight power pop riffs mixed in with great vocals and impeccable production but he manages to do so while reflecting some of power pop’s big hitters (Badfinger and Big Star come immediately to mind) without sounding clichéd. On top of that Jeremy can let rip on some amazing guitar breaks that sound just right for each song. If I was to start a band he would be tops on my list as lead guitarist because he has “the touch.” Great stuff.