Rock Radio 2.0

Johnny, Don’t Forget to Clean Up the Radio Rumpus Room

The Rock and Roll Report Radio Selection of the week is a fantastic rock and roll radio show called Radio Rumpus Room streaming out of Minneapolis USA every Friday from 9 to 10:30 PM on KFAI Fresh Air Radio. Playing “surf, hot rod, rockabilly, ’60s garage, hillbilly, psychedelia, country and primal pop”, Radio Rumpus Room is a fantastic rock and roll buffet that will stuff you to the gills with cool tuneage. They call it “radio that caters to your sick needs” and I’ll tell you I must be really sick cause this stuff is absolutely great! Fun, rockin’ tunes by people who care. Geez I love good radio! Check it out. I haven’t listened too much to the other programming on KFAI but when a station proudly proclaims itself to be “People Powered Radio” I tend to think that it would be my kind of station. A great find.