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When you think of Caribbean music what springs to mind? I bet that rock’n’roll is not the first genre that springs to mind! There is a superb band from Trinidad and Tobago who have been playing plenty of modern rock’n’roll since they formed in 1996. This band is called Jointpop and they are the brainchild of singer and songwriter Gary Hector. Formed in Trinidad and Tobago out of the debris of his old group Oddfellows Local, Jointpop was an evolutionary leap in the musical experimentation of Hector’s sound. Bringing together some of the most sensitive musicians of Trinidad & Tobago underground circuit and marshalled by Hector’s brilliant piercing social commentary rock and roll songs. The band quickly became the benchmark of brilliant local alternative music and music that had a ready international appeal without sacrificing any of its local relevance. Jointpop has walked that tight-rope of balancing foreign and local musical influences and local and international subject matter so effortlessly that one wonders what the fuss was all about…

I have only known the band since their release of the album The Longest Kiss Goodnight in 2011.This album embedded itself into my heart on its first playback, its styles range from full on slightly punked up raunchy rock’n’roll to the slower style laced with melancholic blues which sound a little like a ‘loved up’ Elvis Costello. In November 2012 Jointpop released their latest album, The Pot Hounds and this has a very similar musical variety. Of these two albums The Pot Hounds is marginally better technically and it is hard to say which is best as they are both so good. The Longest Kiss Goodnight may lose out in some ways but conversely it gains affection through the more raunchy, anthemic numbers ‘Souls Going Cheap’ and ‘Camden Ketchup’. But then again, The Pot Hounds does have ‘Lets Pray (For Rock’n’Roll)’ and ‘Treat Me Like The Dog I Am’ along with the bluesy ‘Sexy Garbage Can’. I do feel privileged to have both of these albums in my music collection and rate them as 8/10 and 9/10.

Jointpop have always worked hard to get the exposure which they need and deserve. Locally they have always been well received in printed media and TV but have not exactly fitted into the mainstream local radio’s penchant for dub, hip hop and R&B. I am glad that Jointpop have never let this grind them down as they have a great deal to offer the music world.

Do please check Jointpop out for yourselves, here are some links