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Keep On Rocking In The Free World: Rock and Roll In Thailand

In my continuing quest to expand the coverage of The Rock and Roll Report to those corners of the world you might not readily associate with rock ‘n’ roll, this week we head off to the exotic capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Now, while I would love to be the guy reporting on all the rock and roll action that is currently playing out in this beautiful Southeast Asian country, unfortunately, my current budget does not allow for an “Asian Rock ‘n’ Roll Correspondent” (yet). But I have something much better for you. Jeremy Hartley of the Thai band The Darlings has generously put together his take on the Thai rock and roll scene. Currently recording an EP with The Darlings, Jeremy describes his band as “We’re half Thai, half American. We’re kind of a mix between The Ramones and Weezer, but with more swearing and sloppy guitar solos. I guess we’re more emotional when we play too.” Check them out at
So grab the shades, break out the rice wine, crank the volume and get ready to rock, Thai style.