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Keep on Rocking in the Free World: Rock and Roll in the Balkans

The power of rock and roll to move people is well documented. Whether it is the so-called rebelliousness of rock and roll or the unbridled, sometimes hedonistic lifestyle it promotes (although this seems to pale besides gangsta’ rap and the like), rock and roll has always been anti-authoritarian and pro-individual freedom (for the most part). When coupled with difficult social conditions it can be the spark to set of the powder keg of discontent, something well known Zappa and Stones fan Vaclav Havel was well aware of. I came across an interesting site that kind of speaks to these themes. Rock and Roll in Yugoslavia talks about the effect that punk rock had on the kids of then Yugoslavia. The spirit and attitude that the music infused in the kids was something that the government ignored then took notice of and finally suppressed. An interesting cultural study with some good links for further investigation and possibly listening pleasure. Is rock in the Balkans dead? This would be a great place to start to find the answer. Rock and roll is universal baby but not for the same reasons that we have a “World Idol.” I know which world I prefer to live in.