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Learning how to create a buzz from the masters. U2 rock New York.

U2_on_truck There’s no doubt about it, U2 certainly are working their asses off for the release of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and they proved it once again by playing a free live show under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York yesterday. The cool thing was that they rolled up to the gig playing on the back of a flat bed truck while playing for the surprised and delighted New York crowds. The interesting thing that some might have overlooked in all of this is that U2 are not the first rock and roll band to have cruised the streets of New York on a flat bed truck blasting out rock and roll. Stones_playing_on_a_flatbed_truck__fifth The Rolling Stones set the stage (literally) on May 1, 1975 when they rolled down 5th Avenue pumping out “Jumping Jack Flash” while announcing their upcoming “Tour of the Americas” for that summer as well as introducing Ron Wood to the surprised New York crowd on the back of a similar flat bed truck. And even they weren’t the originators of this publicity stunt as it was reportedly Charlie Watts who suggested the idea after hearing about how jazz bands of the ‘30s and ‘40s used to do the same thing, although it’s doubtful that they got anywhere near the publicity that the Stones and U2 did. Ya the whole spectacle is over the top but at least U2 are not ashamed to strut their rock and roll stuff. I’m looking forward to catching them on tour this time around. Sounds like it will be the tour to see next summer.