Les nouveaux garagistes

Juan Rodriguez of my local rag The Montreal Gazette wrote a great article over the weekend on the explosion of French garage rock in Quebec. The article is called Les nouveaux garagistes and is a great read. I have included the link but as is becoming more and more prevalent on the net you might have to pay to read it after 7 days so I have also included the lists of bands talked about in the article as well as a list of now defunct bands that you might want to check out on CD. In the article Rodriguez focuses a lot on the band Les Breastfeeders which he describes as “the city’s beloved garage-’60s-retro-dada band” but don’t let that strange description turn you off. I played Les Breastfeeders the last time I subbed on “Drastic Plastic” on CKUT FM and they are a great, very cool band that I highly recommend, regardless of what language you speak.

Here is the list of current bands plying their trade in Quebec as well as the town that they are from. I included links when I could find them:

Les Truands (St. Hyacinthe)

Galaxie 500 (St. Felicien)

Les Breastfeeders (Montreal)

(Great band. Personal fave)
Les Derailleurs (Chicoutimi)

Les Hellcats (Quebec)

Les Macchabees (Magog)

Le Nombre (Montreal)

Les Thanatologues (Sherbrooke)

Les Vanus Pieds (Chicoutimi)

Les Vautours (Chicoutimi)

Les Viperes (Quebec)

Nitrosonique (Montreal)

Surcharge (Quebec)

Surferigno (Granby)

Tricky Woo (Montreal)

Cafeine (Montreal)

Le Volume est au maximum (Granby/Montreal)

Old-school garage (some bands seem to be on both lists for some reason but I am sure you can figure it out)

Les Derailleurs (Chicoutimi)

Les Secretaires Volantes (Quebec City) (“The Ramones of PQ!”)

Les Sequelles (Sherbrooke) (great band. Another personal fave)

Les Viperes (Quebec City)

Les Marmottes Aplaties (St. Jean sur Richelieu)

Les Pugilists (Montreal)

Les Jaguars (Montreal) (surf music from the ’60s)

Les Megatones (Montreal)

Les Saints (Vaudreuil-Dorion)

Les Morts (Mont Laurier)

Platon et les Caves (Montreal)

L’Attack (St. Jean sur Richelieu)

Poxy (Montreal)