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Less competition = more boredom: My plea to you

Coolfer has linked to an organization that I had never heard of called IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association) who are formally opposed to the BMG/Sony merger. Now if you have been reading this site at all (and if you have thanks!) you should be getting the idea that a whole world of rock and roll fun and adventure awaits you on independent record labels! There are hundreds out there around the world trying to add a bit of rock and roll joy to your life if you would only give them a try. You don’t have to throw away your major label stuff (egads I’m far from being one of those so called “indie snobs”!) but just add to your collection something from one of these incredibly exciting and rocking indie labels, preferably bought at your local indie record retailer and you will not regret it. They often have great, inexpensive compilations that are often just the thing to wet your whistle. Go ahead, jump in the water is great!