Let’s get ready to rock!

So I hear that Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy will be touring together. Cool! I love Deep Purple. Man that Richie Blackmore sure can wail on his strat. What, he’s not with Deep Purple anymore? Well at least that master of the Hammond organ, Jon Lord will be there…what, him too? Ok, that’s not so bad because I love Thin Lizzy too man. Phil Lynott is a genius. Wait a sec, didn’t he die a while back! I’m sure of it because I saw it on that MTV documentary! Who the hell are these guys on tour anyways?
You know, I have no problems with aging rockers touring (still love my Stones and hey check out Duran Duran!) but when somebody as integral to a band as Richie Blackmore or Phil Lynott not being there the whole exercise seems really kind of pointless. I can only think of a couple of bands that successfully moved on to bigger and better things after losing a key member: Mick Taylor era Rolling Stones, Post Peter Gabriel Genesis, Sammy Hagar era Van Halen, Bruce Dickinson era Iron Maiden and post-Bon Scott AC/DC. You can also throw in Page-Plant I suppose although John Paul Jones might have a problem with this. And for every one of these bands is a sad example of a group that should have just given up: post Phil “I can’t hear you” Collins Genesis, John Corabi led Motley Crue or Steve Perry missing in action Journey. You can also throw in Coverdale-Page. And what about Whitesnake and Quiet Riot? Sheesh. The history of heavy metal seems to be littered with these posers and fakers but perhaps The Temptations and The Beach Boys could give all these guys a run for their money. What I’m I trying to say here is that bands can go on forever if they want but at some point when the only original guy left is the keyboard player ya gotta wonder if it’s not time to hang up the ol’ microphone. Right dude?