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Let It Be

If you want to check out fandom at its most anal, check out the debates over the new Beatles Let It Be… Naked CD over at the Abbeyrd Beatles Page News Briefs section (which in my humble opinion is the best source for Beatles news hands down). Beatles fans are notorious for their debates over Mono vs. Stereo vs. Simulated Stereo Vs. this mix vs. that mix, it really is quite fascinating to read. Now I’m no Beatles purist but I would consider myself a cut above the casual fan but how much hand wringing and tongue wagging can you have over a band that broke up in 1969? (face facts it wasn’t 1970 and it certainly wasn’t in a court room in 1971). I am certainly not denigrating Beatles fans, far from it. The Beatles were probably one of the most important pop groups in the history of rock and roll and debating Beatles esoterica is really quite fun but sometimes I think that having a fit because they used George Harrison’s guitar solo from take 19 and inserted it into the final take 26 (which itself was composed of takes 12, 14, 3 and 31) is a bit much. I finally heard Let It Be off the new CD and to me, it is still a great, majestic rock and roll masterpiece. Enjoy the music, stop complaining and Let It Be.