Record Labels

Life in the Fastlane: Fastlane Records

If your tastes in rock and roll veer towards vintage Kiss, Cheap Trick and The Sweet then you might want to head over to the Record Label of the Week, Fastlane Records. What I like about this label is that they have a mission. Fastlane Records specializes in “hard rock/glam/power-pop and melodic rock” done with visual flair and a nod to the classics of yesteryear. Their website is extremely well done and they have a stream of some of their band’s tunes so you can get a feel for their stuff before plunking down your hard earned cash. It’s kind of heartening to see a bunch of glam rock and rollers cavorting about in makeup and spandex, smashing and crashing their way through some pretty cool rock and roll. Fastlane is also set to release what looks like a very interesting Cheap Trick tribute called Tricked Out that could be fun. Go check out Fastlane Records just in case you thought that nobody remembered that mascara was once almost as important as Marshall amps. And geez have fun, the guys at Fastlane certainly look like they are.