Little Steven’s Rock and Roll Mission

I came across an excellent article in the New York Times (free registration required) on Little Steven and his rock and roll mission called Little Steven’s Big Crusade by Ben Sisario which offers a good insight into the man and his musical tastes. My favourite quote is when he talks about radio formats: “How could our culture have gotten to the point where we have a format for everything except rock ‘n’ roll?” Ridiculous but true.
By the way, here is the schedule for his big Underground Garage Festival on Saturday:

10:30 The Sexy Magazines
10:45 Davie Allan and the Arrows
11:00 The Chains
11:10 Star Spangles
11:20 Gore Gore Girls
11:30 The Swingin Neckbreakers
11:40 The Fuzztones
11:50 Caesars
12:00 The High Dials
12:10 The Fondas
12:20 The Contrast
12:30 The Singles
12:40 The Fleshtones
12:50 Jarvis Humby
01:00 The Blackouts
01:10 Muck and the Mires
01:20 Richard and the Young Lions
01:30 The Flaming Sideburns
01:40 The Boss Martians
01:50 The Charms
02:00 The Cynics
02:10 Lyres
02:20 The Stems
02:35 The Woggles
02:45 The Chocolate Watchband
03:00 The Shazam
03:10 The Electric Prunes
03:25 The Cocktail Slippers
03:35 The Creation
03:50 The Chesterfield Kings
04:00 The Mooney Suzuki
04:15 The Paybacks
04:25 The Pete Best Band
04:40 The Forty Fives
04:50 The D4
05:05 The Romantics
05:25 Nancy Sinatra
05:45 The Dictators
06:05 Big Star
06:25 Bo Diddley
06:55 Raveonettes
07:15 The Pretty Things
07:50 The New York Dolls
08:35 The Strokes
09:35 Iggy Pop & The Stooges