Little Steven is about to expand his rock and roll empire. Thousands wait in anticipation!

Little Steven, that barometer of rock and roll good taste, is about to announce a 3 day garage rock festival and the premiere of a touring Underground Garage Radio Show club tour for bands that play good old fashioned rock and roll. Details have not yet been released but the first Underground Garage Radio show featuring the Romantics, the Chesterfield Kings, the Reigning Sound, the Fondas and Cobra Verde will be held February 21st at Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom with Little Steven himself as the show MC. On behalf of fans of rock and roll everywhere all I can say is THANK YOU! Keep your eyes peeled for any updates on The Rock and Roll Report as soon as I hear any details. This is all very cool stuff. Oh ya, apparently Little Steven plays guitar for some guy named Bruce Springsteen. Ever hear of him?