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Live Review: Frenzy

Almost three decades ago in a market town called Frome in the UK there was the usual collection of local muso’s playing in a variety of bands. These muso’s and bands (being from a relatively small town) were all interconnected in some way, at some stage. The point is that as all of the above melded over time, several now long established and very successful bands have emerged from Frome and the surrounding interconnected area. The band that I feel the need to inform of to start with is Frenzy, a highly active rockabilly/psychobilly/alternative band who have been rocking hard for about twenty seven years now. This trio of musicians show no sign of ageing at all, they are actually now getting stronger and more and more popular. The Frenzy fanbase is spreading further and further as they tour all over the world gaining many new fans.

I have been viewing an awful lot of Frenzy live footage on you tube, there is a vast selection to choose from and these give a real good taste of they have to offer on stage. Check the two videos at the end of this post as worthy tasters.

I was fortunate enough to see Frenzy play a live set at the Wheatsheaves, a local public house in Frome a short while ago. This was a blisteringly entertaining set. The band whose current line up is Steve Whitehouse – upright slap bass, Steve Eaton – guitar and Adam Seviour – drums, performed so naturally and flamboyantly. This was a direct reflection of the combined expertise within Frenzy.

Frenzy played a set lasting ninety minutes plus with ease, they have so much material (13 albums!). They certainly stirred up a fully Frenzied atmosphere in no time at all as they worked through an energetically entertaining selection of songs old and new. During the song ‘Ghost Town’ both Steve’s began slapping away upon the upright bass, I tell you these guys have it down to a fine art. Steve Whitehouse also has a great habit of climbing up the side of that bass without missing a note. If you do get the chance to see Frenzy live do not pass it by, it is a wicked show and all three band members perform and play with true rock’n’roll gusto and style.

I left the gig proudly wearing a Frenzy ‘T’ shirt and also with a copy of their last album Nitro Boy, available on Crash Records. This album was recorded with Rob Chapman on the drums, as he was the drummer/vocalist at that time. Nitro Boy is a thoroughly engaging set of seriously rocking Frenzy songs that grip you from the start. The title track ’Nitro Boy’ sets it rolling perfectly with a tale about a 60’s orientated marvel comics styled superhero. As the album progresses the light-hearted fun feel continues but content of the songs take a slant towards the realities of life. Social comment, politics, love and life are all addressed so well in a true Frenzy fashion which rocks hard in their own style. A cover of ‘I’m still Standing’ comes in about half way through, this works very well in a Frenzied rockabilly style, adding yet more variety to this album. Directly after this is ‘Misdemeanor’ which raises the pace right up maximising the full on Frenzy sound.

‘Til The Following Night’ is a truly chilling graveyard stomp styled piece of chilling rockabilly/psychobilly. Once the zombies have finished dancing the more familiar frenzy sound returns for the next five songs addressing the many issues that are the usual traditional targets. True hard and fast rock’n’roll at its best. A short parody sketch called ‘Sex Shop’ closes the album in a light-hearted humorous fashion.

This album is available as a limited edition that also contains a DVD and a new album In The Blood was released on June 04 this year, I am eager to get myself a copy of this as this band just seem to will be going from strength to strength.



‘I See Red’