Lost Without Cause Talk Influences, Bankrupt Labels and Aspirations

Lost Without CauseLost Without Cause are an Alternative Rock, three piece outfit hailing from Watford, Herts, UK. They have been playing together since their formation in 2004, and so far have played well over 200 gigs with the likes of My Passion, Saving Aimee, Fei Comodo, Koopa, The Runners and Linchpin.

To give you a little background information on Lost Without Cause: in 2007 the band was selected by MTV as part of their new talent initiative program, which involved a live performance and an interview which aired on MTV2 throughout April, May and June 2007. In July 2007 they visited and recorded a live session in the world famous Maida Vale Studios, and in November 2007, after progressing to the 3rd round of an International Battle of the Bands, were invited to play at the London Astoria 2. The gig was a massive success and the band progressed onto the 4th round where they once again played the London Astoria 2. In July 2008 they were selected by Bon Jovi from over 400 acts as one of the Top 20 bands with the chance to support them at their Twickenham show. Unfortunately, after an online vote, they narrowly missed out.

Since then, Lost Without Cause has gone on to release several singles, which have only just been brought to my gratefully receptive ears. The first, double single, release “Electric/Write Your Own Ending,” is simply great. “Electric” showcases their hard hitting punkster style with driving rythms and uplifting harmonies, and lives up to its title by being fully electric. “Write Your Own Ending,” on the other hand, starts a little slower, but rest assured the hard edged guitar and vocals soon kick in, offering a marvelous rock ballad that is slightly reflective of Green Day’s sound and style.

Their latest single, “Come On/Situation,” follows suit and sounds like a natural progression for this talented trio. Their own style is far more audible in both tunes, and inventive rythyms prevail along with glorious riffs and excellent vocals.

Being utterly amazed by their addictive sound and undeniable talent, I couldn’t help but get in touch with one of the members, Si, to see what he had to say about their budding career.

Q: How did Lost Without Cause come together?

A: Lost Without Cause formed in late 2004. I have been friends with Andy since primary school, but sort of fell out of contact with him. I was in a band with Rosetta, but due to artistic differences with the other members in the band it fizzled out. Rosetta and I wanted to carry on working together, so I got in contact with Andy. We all had a jam and it went from there!

Q: Who were your main influences while developing your sound?

A: We all really bring different influences into our music. I like a lot of the American rock, Andy likes old school stuff like Zeppelin, and Rosetta likes a lot of modern rock like Placebo.  My main influences are bands like Dashboard Confessional, Matchbox 20, Sugarcult and Jimmy Eat World.

Q: Where would you like to be in, say, 5 years time?1271417543_l

A:  5 Years? I’d love to be playing something like the O2, with everyone singing our songs back to us.  We all really enjoy playing live, and working on new tracks, so if we could keep on getting bigger and bigger – we’d love it!

Q: To date, what have been some highs and lows as Lost Without Cause?

A: Highs, I guess playing the London Astoria 2 was a real big high. We’ve all seen such great bands there before, so getting the chance to play there was amazing. Lows, not had too many really. Probably when the label we were signed to went bankrupt. Was a real downer, but we quickly moved onwards and upwards from there.

Q: What would be your dream gig?

A: Again, I think something like the O2 or Wembley Stadium.

Q: If you were blessed with a dream opportunity, what would that be?

A: Supporting someone massive. Blink 182, Green Day or something would be amazing!

To find out more about Lost Without Cause check out http://www.myspace.com/lostwithoutcause

Lost Without Cause has graciously made two of their songs available for free download to Rock and Roll Report Readers. Click on and enjoy both Electric and Write Your Own Ending courtesy of the band and The Rock and Roll Report!