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Major Label Boycott in the Works

According to the Music Dish article “Coalition Calls for Boycott in Response to Second Round of RIAA Lawsuits” a coalition of over 177 websites is calling for a weeklong boycott of major label music. The website Stop RIAA Lawsuits is pretty impressive but does this mean I can’t go and pick up the new R.E.M. greatest hits In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 (Special Edition) that I was supposed to get for my birthday? Being a music fan can certainly get confusing these days. It’s all shades of gray.
Upon further reflection and review I notice that a quick scan of the websites in question lists only 3 record labels (APN Records, Audio Anime Records and Go-Kart Records) as part of this proposed boycott. I personally would take this stuff a bit more seriously if some more indie labels were involved and less of the Bullshit Hall of Fame type of websites. Not that they don’t have valid concerns it’s just that I would be more open to their arguments if this was put together by a coallition of independent record stores, record labels and radio stations tha’s all. Just my 2 cents.

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I’d love to see a website or group of websites call for a weeklong boycott of illegal uploading/downloading via P2P applications.

But we all know that’s never going to happen. People refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Blame it on the RIAA, but the fact is that the law is being broken. No law is being broken in terms of subpoena, and the record labels certainly aren’t breaking any laws by charging what they charge. And it’s hardly against the law to slowly and painfully transition into ditial distribution. Sorry, folks, but it’s not against the law (nor is it immoral) to NOT embrace MP3 music as the public sees fit.

Don’t like the law? Lobby your Congressman to get the law changed. In the meantime, the RIAA is going to continue its lawsuits–with the blessing of most of our lawmakers, might I add.

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