Mark My Words – The Sonic Buffet that is Rock and Roll

I am often asked what kind of music do we like to feature on The Rock and Roll Report and I used to think based on the name of the site it was self-explanatory. But I was wrong. The term “Rock and Roll” has definite connotations attached to it that lead to a lot of misunderstandings that are in my opinion completely avoidable.

I deliberately use the term Rock and Roll because the rock that I love encompasses the wide variety of styles that we have been forced to accept for the purposes of music “classification.” I love: punk, hard rock, heavy metal, power pop, psychedelia, classic rock, alternative rock, indie rock, the list goes on. When it become too complicated to explain to friends that I not only love Swedish shoegazer pop but indie psychedelic alt country I just gave up.

To me rock and roll is a giant buffet table loaded down with the most incredible variety of music you can imagine. I like to pile on my plate heaping spoonfuls of punk, big dollops of hard rock and generous portions of glam rock and bubblegum pop. I then proceed to cram it all down my cake hole, crunching it all and not worrying about the fact that they are all mixed up. That is what I enjoy, the juxtapositin of one against the other, the sweet of power pop combined with the sour of mid-70s era New York punk.

I could never imagine being locked into any one style of rock. “If it’s not metal I’m not listening!” There is too much good stuff out there to set up these artificial boundaries. Ya I tend to veer a lot into hard rock territory on the podcast but I change directions in fits and starts and often that is just the result of what I have received but in no way does the site represent any one style of rock and roll. That is the reason that we are interested in contributors into all kinds of rock and roll and if you think something is somewhat under-represented on the site email me and make it right!

If you ask three people what kind of music The Ramones, Slip Knot and Journey make you will get three very distinct answers. If you ask those same three people if these bands all play rock and roll I guarantee you the answer will be the same. The Rock and Roll Report is about the sonic buffet that is rock and roll, pure and simple. Let’s not over complicate things, since as a certain Michael Phillip Jagger reminds us, it’s only rock and roll so turn up the volume and throw away the guide book and let’s recapture the genre that is rock and roll!