Mark My Words – Welcome and Hello and What This is All About After a Weekend at Podcamp Montreal

Welcome to the very first column that I am calling Mark My Words. What is it all about? Well The Rock and Roll Report has grown and evolved over the last 6 months or so to become more of what I envisioned it to be and that is a great place to go to read about and listen to some great rock and roll contributed to by an amazing selection of writers who are passionate about music. What has been missing though (and what was pointed out to me by a number of people at this weekend’s Podcamp Montreal) has been my take on things.

I have been so busy editing and publishing the site and producing the weekly podcast and monthly radio show as well as doing a myriad of other non-rock and roll things that I have not actually written a whole hell of a lot on the site. A review here and there and the odd article but really nothing consistent and certainly nothing that reflects what I have been thinking about and reading in relation to rock and roll. Well this is changing with my weekly column called Mark My Words. Published every Friday (except for this week), Mark My Words will be my take on rock and roll and all that it encompasses. It might be a rant, it might be my take on something going on in the music business or a comment on a certain website or service that music fans and readers of the site might be interested in or it could just be me running off at the month for no particular reason!

I attended Podcamp Montreal this weekend and it was a great experience and as always when I attend these things a nice adrenalin boost and tweak to the ol’ enthusiasm for all things “social media” as they call it (blogging, podcasting, MySpace, etc.). One of the things I realized that was perhaps missing from the Rock and Roll Report website was that sense of participating in a conversation. The whole reason that The Rock and Roll Report exists is to turn you on to great music and to have you turn us on to great music and by extension everybody who reads the site and listens to the podcast and radio show. To that end I will start using all these social media tools to reach out to you. Things like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest. I kind of do but it always seems to be an afterthought so look for more ways to engage me and talk about all the great music that is out there that you and I are listening to.

It’s an exciting time for everybody that wishes to reach out to both strangers and friends with something to say. I encourage you to comment on this site or on my MySpace page at or on the FaceBook group at or on Twitter at

One of the things I learned about social media at Podcamp Montreal is that it is a conversation enabled by technology to reach out to many more people than previously possible. One of the things I don’t want the Rock and Roll Report to become is this unwieldy “music magazine” telling you what we think is cool. Instead I want it to become this constant free exchange of opinions and recommendations of what bands, musicians and labels float our collective boat. We might not solve global warming or end the conflict in the Middle East but at least we will have a hell of a good time!

And by the way, just to give you an example of the power of social media, I posted on my MySpace page the fact that I was working on this column and I had originally called it “Off the Mark.” I received a number of comments encouraging me on but one of my MySpace friends, Miss M suggested “Mark My Words” as a cool title and so a mere 15 minutes after I started to work on the column I had already changed its name! And that, in my opinion is just so very cool.

Welcome aboard for the ride. I hope I hear from you as we stumble our way through the underbrush that is rock and roll.

Look for an official Mark My Words on Friday as I talk about some pretty cool things I learned during the various sessions I attended at Podcamp as well as Lord knows what else I come across by then!