Mike Stax, The Misunderstood and UT Records

There is a great article over at Yahoo on Mike Stax of Ugly Things fame and the first release on his new UT Records, the lost acetates of The Misunderstood in New Label Sheds Light on the Misunderstood. If you are ever looking to get a real feel for what kind of cool “nuggetesque” stuff is out there, pick up a copy of Ugly Things and revel in its’ completeness. An amazing read for even the causal rock and roll fan and a must for the collector and psych/garage rock and roll fanatic. Nice to see Mike get some mainstream recognition.
UPDATE! Details on the Misuderstood album and ordering information can be found on the Ugly Things website here.


  1. “Nice to see Mike get some mainstream recognition.”


    Remind me again why “mainstream recognition” is so important. All the “mainstream” does is wreck things by misinterpreting/exploiting them.

    Mainstream recognition does absolutely nothing to promote originality, spontaneity or inspiration. To the contrary, it promotes only the stale, overdone, and contrived.

    Screw the mainstream.

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