Montesa Audio: A great sounding venture by a couple of Brits in Spain

I’ve put together the following mini feature to inform you all of a relatively new studio service based in Montesa near Valencia, Spain –  Montesa Audio. The studio is currently offering an amazing deal in order to get the business started: one full week of recording, complete with accommodation, is just £500, which compares to UK non-residential rates. Just picture yourself working on your latest and greatest material in a beautiful, scenic location in Spain, undoubtedly a very large bonus to rival all other studio experiences.

Montesa Audio is run by a couple of Brits, Ian Clayton and Caron Reid, who have spent a long time searching for the perfect location for their venture and building their dream recording complex. Ian is a songwriter/keyboard player who has been in the trade for 30 years and has previously had his own commercial recording studio near Haywards Heath, Sussex. He then turned to teaching the subject and  was course leader for Music Technology at Northbrook College, Worthing for 10 years. There he taught an array of subjects ranging from recording and production techniques to sound design. Caron, on the other hand, spent a year in Spain building the studio while Ian remained in the UK earning an income to fund the dream. This equates to an awful lot of hard work from them, especially when one considers the many ’hairy’ moments that tested the duo’s dedication and determination along the way.

Combining Ian’s years of varied experience and Caron’s fluent Spanish and understanding of local culture, Montesa Audio offers a recording experience and results that will be sure to satisfy all of your criteria.

There are only a few £500 weeks left, but prices for a week in May to July are still only £750. And, to sweeten the offer, the studio will offer Rock & Roll Report readers a 10% discount for May to July bookings!

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