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More Cool Rock ‘n’ Roll from the CD Baby Store for the week of August 21, 2006

album cover THE GOOD LOOKS: Let the Needle Drop

A swirl of garage, post-punk, and dance. It’s a rock legend superstar…

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album cover STACKMAGIC: Stackmagic

Hands down real deal rock-n-roll. From the dirt, original, melodic and passionate. If you like The Foo Fighters to AC/DC, Johnny Cash to the Clash…Then you’ll love this record.

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album cover LAST AMERICAN VIRGINS: Not So Secret Plan

A return to what once made rock n roll so great: cocksure swagger, raucous guitar and unforgettable melodies.

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album cover TEAM ROCKIT: Duck Duck Goose

A wonderful concoction of power pop, raw indie rock that rawks, and maybe a dash of punk for good measure. Grooves galore on this special enhanced e.p.

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album cover TYREFYRE: Let It Burn

Melodic Guitar driven Rock and Roll with unforgettable hooks and a early 70’s vibe, part Stones, part Beatles, part Small Faces.

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album cover ROCKING SCOUNDRELS: Motorbikes, Rock ‘n’ Roll, & Speed

Blazing guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll, choc full of melody and tons of fun. “AC/DC meets The Who meets Garage/Punk” – PLAY LOUD.

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