More March Updates!

Here we go!
The March issue of the always entertaining Fufkin is up and as usual there is so much stuff to read that it will keep you busy until the April update is released at the earliest! Some really cool stuff including a review of the two new Rhino Handmade CDs I posted about a couple of weeks back, The Rolling Stones on Ed Sullivan, pirate radio, Roger McGuinn and a review of the Brian Wilson Smile concerts. Good stuff as usual.
Speaking of The Rolling Stones, Norton Records has a whole bunch of great stuff coming out this spring including The Seeds doing “Singer not the Song” on their very cool Rolling Stones 45 RPM tribute series. A very cool idea and they look great.
Hopping across the pond, the fine folks over at Revola Records in the UK have updated their website and invite everyone over to check it out (and buy something while your at it). Very nice. A fine home for a great record label.
Finally, the always excellent Not Lame Records has introduced their brand new Clubhouse record club which sounds like a great deal at $24.95 USD a year. You save 5% on every purchase, 20% on all Not Lame pre-orders, a free T-shirt, CD cleaner and CD opener (not sure what that is), four count ‘em four free compilation CDs, monthly giveaways, special member only offers and $3.00 off the “Top Pick” each month. Certainly beats what you get from Columbia House! Good work Bruce.
That’s it for now.