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More Summer of Love Celebrations over at Vintage Rock

According to a post on the Classic Rock News site, Vintage Rock has a feature on the Summer of Love which, if you haven’t heard by now occurred 40 years ago this summer. According to the post:

Vintage Rock salutes this pivotal milestone in rock and roll history with a series of articles and reviews designed to transport you back when everyone was tuning out, turning on and plugging in.

It Was Forty Years Ago This May:

Can I Get Some Truthiness With My Steven Colbert American Dream:

The Psychedelic Sounds Of San Francisco:

Sweeping Up The Spotlight ~ Jefferson Airplane Live At The Fillmore
East, 1969:

Listen My Friends: The Best Of Moby Grape:

The Remains:

Classic Commentary ~ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band:

Later man.