Music also appears to alter study habits and damage eardrums

These are just 2 of the amazing facts to be found in It’s Not Only Rock and Roll: Popular Music in the Lives of Adolescents by Peter G. Christenson and Donald F. Roberts. Concerned about the effects that rock and roll will have on your kids? Well you can rest easy because, despite the fact that music is central to youth culture “Music doesn’t appear to have massive negative effects, the authors say. But it does seem to be dangerous for some youth, and to ignore its effects on a subset of young people “makes no more sense that to ignore the causes of homicide because only a tiny minority ever commits murder.”” Well that’s reassuring! Despite the fact that some “adults” think that the youth of today are a pliable, OC watching, gullible bunch of text messengers, their intelligence and common sense far surpass what most people give them credit for, and you don’t need a bunch of doctorates telling you that. They just need to listen to more rock and roll, not less.