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Music Blogging Gets Bump from New Aggregator

I saw this posted on Digital Music News and thought it might be of interest. I haven’t had a chance to check out the site yet but will soon.

The relatively new format of MP3 blogging may have taken an evolutionary baby step, with a new site offering a one-stop resource to sample newly posted songs. MP3 blogging simply layers music files into the blog experience, with digital tracks offering the perfect compliment to a music discussion. Now, a new site called the Hype Machine is aggregating song files from a list of selected mp3 blogs. That allows fans to download a daily collection of new tracks and listen to them throughout the day. The new development has grabbed some attention within technology and digital music circles, with the Hype Machine offering a potentially new method for discovering music online. Meanwhile, the site could become a concern to labels if unauthorized tracks are posted, though the owners of the Hype Machine have indicated that they will pull down any songs if requested. But the overall intent of the site is to encourage future sales, with the authors explaining, “These songs are here to let people easily discover new artists, fall in love with them, buy their CDs and go to their shows”.