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Net Neutrality and Why Indie Musicians Should Care


If you haven’t already, you will be hearing a lot about the issue of Net Neutrality this year and while it might seem to be a esoteric, technical debate for geeks, the implications to independent musicians could be great. Or as a recent article in Exclaim magazine stated “net neutrality is about three seconds away from being one of the Most Important Issues Facing the Music Business Today.”

Future of Music Coalition Director Ann Chaitovitz ran a commentary in a recent issue of Billboard Magazine explaining how the open internet is absolutely necessary for creativity and commerce to flourish online and I urge you to read the commentary and educate yourself. You can read it at this link.

The Internet holds a lot of promise of what musicians can do with their music instead of being beholden to a record label. We are starting to see a lot of experiments taking place where the artists is regaining control of his or her muse. Some will work and some will fail but at the very least there is a legitimate chance for artists to make a living while being in control of the modes of distribution of their music. Net Neutrality in my opinion is essential to this. Make sure that you are informed as to the impact of things like network throttling can have on independent music on the net. Regardless of which side of the debate you may ultimately take, your future could well depend on it.