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New additions from the CD Baby Store

I have recently added a “CD Baby Listening Post” to the right sidebar of The Rock and Roll Report and have been gradually adding some albums to it as I am really impressed with a lot of the great Rock and Roll that you can get through CD Baby. In order to update you on additions to the “CD Baby Listening Post” in the future, every Monday I will feature a “New Additions to The Listening Post from CD Baby” post highlighting those bands that I have added for the week. They will probably remain on the list for 2-3 weeks before eventually being replaced by other great CDs. For now I will spotlight a CD a day that is currently on the “CD Baby Listening Post” until I have featured each one, then I will move to the weekly Monday post format. Check these bands out and support them if you can as they represent some really great rock and roll that you otherwise might not be aware of. In addition, look for the separate Amazon and CD Baby “Listening Posts” to merge in the near future to keep things less confusing for all and hopefully I will add support from other music stores in the future. Thanks for reading and as usual, suggestions and tips of bands and sites that you like are always welcomed and appreciated.
UPDATE! After discussions with CD Baby I want to make it clear that these selections are in no way endorsed by CD Baby in that they don’t spotlight one band over another and this is not my intention. This will merely be an update as to what has been added to The Listening Post every week. As soon as I get some technical gremlins ironed out there will not be any distinction as to where the CD is available so as to ensure that it doesn’t appear that The Rock and Roll Report is favouring anybody or company to the exclusion of all others. I apologize for any confusion.