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New Band “The Color Turning” joins

In conjunction with my new racing website F1 Prospects.Com I am posting music related links that I come across on racing sites or in my future podcasts to The Rock and Roll Report.

Continuing our quest to uncover young talent in all areas of life, introduces you to “The Color Turning.”

The GP2 series… it’s about youth. It’s about giving young talent a chance to shine. We don’t just mean the drivers, but our mechanics, our engineers, and all of our teams. But here at, we have a chance to provide a platform for talent in all walks of life. Last season, in association with our partner Bridgestone, we ran the highly succesful Bridgestone e-reporter competition for aspiring journalists (a competition we are delighted is being repeated in 2006.)

Through the music player on the website, we promoted young unsigned band Without Grace, leading to their music being used on further websites and television stations in association with the GP2 series. As we embark on our first test of 2006, it is our delight to introduce you to the first of many new young, unsigned bands we will be featuring this season.

Southern California’s The Color Turning make music that demands a willingness to eschew the lazy way in which, so often, the characteristics of sound are verbalized. Why describe it with a catchphrase when you can describe it for what it really is? Every move The Color Turning take, whether live or in the studio, is the sound of falling in love with music… the sound of the precious (and rare) brand of synergy that exists between a group of artists who share, among so much more, a voracious appetite for experimentation, change, and growth.

The Color Turning can’t help but sound like themselves. What they share most with their influences – seminal acts of their generation, such as Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Coldplay, and Bjork – is a pure and inherent understanding of the complex relationship between musical dynamics and human emotion. Nowhere is that understanding displayed more strongly than in their live show; an amalgamation of virtuosity in the traditional sense and, more importantly, the non-traditional sense. Yes, they can really play their instruments, but it’s originality rather than a cliched rock n’ roll stunt that proves it.

The Color Turning employ so many instruments that they, at times, seem more like a mini-symphony that a standard rock band: rhodes piano, e-bow, electronics, theremin. It is entirely fitting that the latter, an instrument that requires no physical contact, yet the sharpest of musicianship, is what breathes life into many of their songs. Accessible honesty is the means by which they move closer and closer to creating the perfect song: intensely emotive, entirely devoid of the sugar coating which can take the edge of so many well-intended sentiments.

They have been likened to artists such as Death Cab for Cutie, The Dismemberment Plan, Radiohead and Coldplay, but, as we are sure you will hear, their sound is very much their own. Unlike the majority of bands currently emerging from California, The Color Turning produce music which demands a sit down and a good listen, so subtle are its nuances, so complex its structures and so haunting its mood and lyrical content. At this stage of the GP2 series season, as the winter slips into springtime and the expectation of a new year surrounds our every move, their music perfectly compliments the mood.

And as for the band’s aspirations? As forthright, simple and down to earth as the band themselves… “we just aspire to be the best musicians we can be and to make original, respectable music that people enjoy.”

Enough said…

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The Band

Steve Scavo – vocals, guitar

Sean Rodriguez – guitar, rhodes, electronics

David Delfonzo – guitar, piano

Jason Abraham – bass

Gareth Powell – drums