New book on the history of freeform radio is in the wings

Malcolm Gault-Williams, the man behind the excellent family of sites Freeform Radio Website, Freefrorm Radio Blog and Freeform Radio Forum is currently writing a new book on freeform radio during its’ golden days tentatively titled “Tribal Drum: The Early Years of Freeform Radio” and he is looking to contact “past comrades known and unknown who may have stories of their own to tell or corrections to make.” The scope, according to Malcolm is as follows,

“The book is part factual history of the early years (1966-68) and part personal memoir — with the accent put on the history. I was really a bit player in the theatrical production, so I’m going to keep that status secondary to the real story of what actually went on. Since there’s just so much to write about, I’m limiting the scope to just the beginning years. If the book turns out to be successful, I hope to write about the later years, as well.”

He will be serializing the darfts in the Freeform Radio forum and would welcome “any and all comments, corrections, additions — anything I can get back from you. All contributions to the effort will be duly credited.” If you were at all involved in Freeform Radio during these years by all means get in touch with Malcolm and let your stories be told.