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New iTunes Exclusives for August, 2006: Bob Dylan and The Killers

I haven’t been keeping up too much with what has been happening on iTunes lately but these 2 exclusives caught my eye.

The first is a Bob Dylan pre-order for his new album “Modern Times.” One thing you have to say for Bobby is that he has consistently defied the critics by releasing some great new stuff even as he approaches retirement age. When you purchase “Modern Times” you get 4 bonus videos and a fifth just by pre-ordering. In addition you will get an exclusive pre-Sale Ticketmaster code for access to up to four tickets on Dylan’s upcoming tour. A pretty cool enticement if you like Dylan.


The second exclusive is a pre-order for the Killers new album with a free download of their new (and very different but cool) track “When You Were Young.”

Apple iTunes

Anyhow, if either of these artists turns your crank, fire up the old iTunes software and check ’em out.