New Mindawn Promotion

Last week I wrote about the new electronic music distribution system called Mindawn which uses the technically superior and open source OGG and FLACC codecs instead of MP3. Mindawn looks great because it offers musicians a really cost effective way to get their music distributed on the Internet since the service is available to everyone without qualification and the price is reasonable. Well Mindawn has just announced a promotion where the $50.00 yearly fee will be a one time only lifetime fee. That’s right, you pay your 50 bucks once and that’s it and if you have already signed up you have been grandfathered so that you are now a member for life. With this promotion, Mindawn looks to be an even more interesting option then before. On top of that they have added a rewards program called "Mindawlers" and expanded their referral program. If you are a band trying to  get your stuff out their on the Internet this may be something that could be really beneficial to you. If you are a music fan looking for something different to download then you should really give Mindawn a try. You just might be surprised at the good stuff you will find.