Rock Radio 2.0

New Rock Radio is Dead

According to the New York Times in Fade-Out: New Rock Is Passé on Radio (registration required), "new rock" is dead. As far as I am concerned, the problem with commercial rock radio has always been this need to creat playlists that are too narrow in focus or that latch on too closely to the latest trend. Why the hell does a rock radio station have to focus on only "alternative" bands (playing the same songs by the same major lable bands) or classic rock (playing the same songs by the same major label bands) while ignoring the hundreds of great bands from the hundreds of indie labels that don’t neccessarily fit into these narrow niches? Rock and roll encompases everything from punk to power pop to psychedelic garage to guitar-based hard rock and more and yet commercial rock radio refuses to deviate from their failing and narrow musical focus. Put some knowledgable DJs on the air who listen to more than the crap that the major labels pump out and let them entertain and enlighten us. These DJs are all around us on the countless non-commercial radio stations that broadcast world-wide and would love to get a shot at turning on the masses to great rock and roll, an art form that remains vibrant, exciting and still possessing of the capacity to surprise. It won’t happen but it’s worth a shot in my books.