New York City Indie Rock Launch

SirLady Records and the Tribeca Rock Club are proud to present the very  first ‘NYC Indie Rock Launch’ which will be held January 7th 2005. The evening is in honor of celebrating the city’s influential urban rock scene and will feature artists such as: Guilt Like Gravity, Troop 47, Planeside, The Nillaz, and Kirsten DeHaan.  Due to its popular demand the Launch now promises to become a series of events which will feature some of the city’s top independent artists. Please visit and or for all advance ticket and show information.
Start the New Year off right by supporiting indie music!


  1. Now available SO UNCLEAR, The brand new EP from Simon Vallee. His much anticipated sophomore album features the single ‘So Unclear’.

    “Simon Vallee is an emerging star. His sophomore album, So Unclear, is one of the sexiest and most uplifting new releases I’ve heard in a long time. Vallee delivers smooth vocals with an intense performance that is truly memorable. Enthusiast’s advice: Listen to So Unclear with a bottle of wine and enjoy the story from beginning to end.”

    Esther J. Garnick
    -Hollywood North Magazine

    “Simon Vallee has captured a lot of energy throughout the CD…I hear a great deal of influences merged together.”

    -Shut Eye Records and Agency

    Get your copy of “SO UNCLEAR” today! Check out

    PICTURE: Simon Vallee So Unclear Cover Photo: click to view.

  2. Simon Vallee will be on tour in Great Britain this fall 2005 in support of his latest album “So Unclear”. He will tour with the bands lead guitarist Angelo Bernardo.

    Starting in New York city in early 2005 and moving through eastern Canada, the tour continues to build momentum. If you haven’t got your copy of the new album So Unclear get it today before you see them live! Get all the tour info by visiting the tour page.

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    LISTEN @ Simon Vallee at :


    10.07 : Manchester
    10.08 : Birmingham
    10.09 : Birmingham
    10.10 : Leicester
    10.11 : Leicester
    10.13 : Derby
    10.15 : Tottington
    10.16 : Wigan
    10.19 : Reading
    10.20 : Bracknell
    10.21 : Grays
    10.24 : London
    10.25 : London
    10.26 : Slough

    Visit the tour page for more details:

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