Nick’s Picks: The Action Five

The Action Five are a riotously Rocking five piece (surprise, surprise!) band from Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. I am sorry to say that I have only ever heard two tunes of theirs, ‘Murder on my Mind’ and ‘Second Chance’. On their My Space page they claim to be ‘Rock/Powerpop/Rock’.

There is very little or even nothing to find about them from this page or the ‘net’ in general but I will state that in my mind they are undoubtedly ROCK, oozing in power, character and drive in a fashion which can only be described as being their own.

My first impression and opinion of them when I first found their My Space page, was that they seemed in many ways not unlike a ‘Nordic Nugent’. Their use of vocal melodies may well be the cause of using the phrase ‘Powerpop’ in their self-description. They sure as hell do not pop but explode, firing red-hot riffage in all directions.

This accompanies a superbly layered guitar sound, with a rhythm and bass back up to shake your fillings loose and percussion to pulverise, while keeping you feet tapping frantically with many complex and creative rolls and rhythm. These ‘boys’ are just so good. I eagerly await the time where we get to hear much, much more from them.

Intense Nick