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NME to Make Video Interviews Available Through iTunes


As if you don’t need another reason to stay away from the mainstream video channels, NME (one of my regular daily reads) has announced that they wilol be making more than 50 video podcasts available to download for free from the iTunes Store.

This is pretty cool. As a matter of fact, I am looking to integrate the iTunes Store a bit more into The Rock and Roll Report. Look for more iTunes Store stuff like Rock and Roll Report Radio and Podcast iMixes, free downloads of the week, etc. soon.

Speaking of iTunes, there is a very cool plugin that I have mentioned in the past called iConcert Cal that you should check out. Currently at version 2.0, iConcert Cal lists within iTunes any upcoming concert and album release dates for the bands in your music library. A pretty handy little utility to have if I do say so myself.