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Women Who Rock! November’s Triple R Girl is the Multi-Talented Leann Wilson

Hailing from an area of Canada known for its stunning, natural beauty, Kamloops’ Leann Wilson is not only a natural beauty herself but an extremely talented singer, songwriter and musician. As part of an incredibly talented musical family with a singer for a mom, guitarist for a dad and brothers that play piano and drums, Leann can proudly consider herself a chip off the family musical block. With the soul of a rocker and the voice of a jazz diva, Leann has been singing professionally for 13 years but recently decided to follow her dreams and take a huge leap of faith.

With dogged determination and a laptop full of contacts, Leann headed east to Toronto last summer determined to make her musical dreams a reality. Despite not actually knowing anybody in Canada’s largest city, Leann hit the streets of Toronto ready to meet her destiny. “Can’t is not in my vocabulary,” exclaims the blue-eyed beauty. “If you want to make your mark in this world you have to get off your ass and do something so that’s what I did.”

That “something” turned out to be assembling a crack team of musicians for the Leann Wilson Band featuring keyboardist Michael Fonfara ( Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, & Foreigner), drummer Paul Delong (Kim Mitchell), bassist Jon Czechowski (Red Rider) and guitarist Doron Zor (Celine Dion & Revolver) while recording an album that eventually became You Know Me. One song that resonates particularly strongly with Leann is the song Crossroads. Why? “Crossroads signifies for me all the times in my life I’ve stood at crossroads fighting to live “in the box” when every ounce of my being wanted to jump out and be free to be myself. This is my statement and the song Crossroads on the album goes into this in a bit more depth but it is truly how I feel.” The album is a mix of smooth jazz, blues and funk, but done with rockish style which is perfect because Leann’s strong, soulful voice is at home equally on emotional ballads, toe-tappin’ funk and full tilt rock and roll and she has the pipes to pull it all off with style to spare.

With extensive touring planned for the remainder of 2008 and 2009 and a just completed move to Toronto to further her musical ambitions, Leann Wilson has the talent, the attitude and the style to become Canada’s next singing superstar. And she will do it all based on perseverance and a belief in herself, the consistent hallmark of any successful musician and the embodiment of what the Triple R Girl is all about.

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