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Now this is rock ‘n’ roll! The Shazam

Ripping it up out of Nashville, Tennessee The Shazam are what rock and roll is all about. To quote guitarist and lead vocalist Hans Rotenberry “In these uncertain times, rock is back to Save The World, to loudly feel good about something. To feel the mighty power of the cool tune, the loud guitar, the trashy drum and the bangs-in-the-face. And the good part of being an indie band has been the outrageous luxury to do all of that, to make the record we wanna make. So of course we’re Garage Rock. Take us as we are!” Joined by Scott Ballew on drums and percussion, Mick Wilson on bass guitar and vocals and for live performances Jeremy Asbrock on guitars and vocals, The Shazam are making a statement that it’s time to rock and they are more than willing to oblige. Check out the Sounds section of their website for some cool MP3s to start your Shazam journey and once you’ve listened to those tunes for like a thousand times hustle over to your favourite indie record store or the Not Lame website and pick up their latest “Tomorrow the World” and get ready to rediscover real, honest to goodness rock and roll. Isn’t it nice?

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I love the Shazam and will see them in NYC on Friday. The last time I saw them here, three of the four guys in the band were sick and barely able to stand…yet they put on a GREAT show.

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