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Now this is Rock and Roll! Bang Sugar Bang

Bang_sugar_bang I just recieved a batch of CDs from the fine folks at Nicotine Records and as I shuffled through the pile I began looking for one CD to listen to first. I decided to pick Bang Sugar Bang’sGreatest Hits” using that twisted rock and roll logic that I thought the band’s name was cool. This is one of those CDs, and this is one of those bands that when you pop their CD into the CD player, you start to edge the volume up just a quarter of the way into their first track. Then a little bit more. Then some more after that. By the third song you are risk the serious possibility of speaker damage and yet you remain strangely unconcerned as the music is that good. Bang Sugar Bang are a great hook laden rock and roll tour de force that are a blast to listen to. If you don’t believe me, head out to the A/V section of their site and download or stream a couple of tracks to get them under your skin. See, I told ya so. Great stuff.